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Outside Speakers

Study Skills, Revision and Exam Technique

Claire Kelly, Senior Consultant (from September 2012)

Claire Kelly is an inspirational speaker. She read Psychology at Cambridge and has considerable experience in secondary education, having held senior management positions at South Hampstead High School, Davies Laing and Dick and Stonar School. Claire has developed expertise in helping students improve their study and exam skills as well as their motivation. Claire is available to give talks at international schools in Europe as well as in the U.K.

University Entrance Talks

Claire Kelly also speaks to students and teachers about university applications. Talks may include Applying to Oxbridge

Applying to European and / or U.S. Universities

Lectures for Schools

Claire has a keen interest in study skills and motivation. She is available as an Outside Speaker for schools in the UK and mainland Europe on a variety of topics:

  • Preparing for Exams: Revision Skills Exam Technique
  • Choosing the Right Course at University
  • How to Make a Success of your University Applications
  • Choosing Your Career
  • Applying to Oxbridge or Medicine
  • Applying to U.S. Universities
  • Staff Training Workshops
Comments to Claire Kelly from the girls at South Hampstead:

‘Thank you. You have been an inspirational teacher and really spurred my interest in politics.

‘You have given me the confidence to pursue things I would otherwise not have considered and I am so glad you arrived at SHHS just in time to show me that I was capable of more than I thought.'

‘I absolutely loved being taught by someone who seems so interested and passionate about the subject.'

Mock Interview Practice

DR INGRID WASSENAAR is a former Director of Studies at Christ's College, Cambridge, and a lecturer in the French Department there. She is able to advise on negotiating the interview process for Oxford and Cambridge, having conducted admissions work in both universities.

Dr Jack Lewis Presenter, Consultant and Science Broadcaster
Motivational Brain Talks

Jack Lewis (Ph.D.) is rapidly becoming the people's face and voice of brain science. Brimming with energy and enthusiasm, Jack's mission is to get people excited about how brains work and how to get the best out of them. In his most recent project Dr Jack presents "The Tech Show," airing on Discovery Science, a 26 x 30min series showcasing the latest developments in science, technology and engineering (Reef TV). Jack is the resident neuroscientist on ITV's "This Morning" with his Don't be a Slave to your Brain strand. In 2011 he appeared on two series on Channel 4: Tom Dyckhoff's "The Secret Life of Buildings" and Tony Robinson's "Gods and Monsters" as well as several appearances on MTV's "Plain Jane" - which has just gone to a second series.

What is Brain Coach?

Over the past few years I've been giving a motivational talk in secondary schools across the UK on the basis of my area of expertise – the human brain. The aim is to motivate and empower students to get the most out of their brains on the basis of the latest neuroscience research. It takes the form of a fast-moving, fact-packed, interactive, audiovisual presentation which usually takes place a few months before exam time. I've gradually incorporated more and more themes relevant to the PSHEE curriculum e.g. brain areas involved in decision making (financial/social etc), stress, impulse control – with practical “neuroformed” tips on how to better manage all of the above.


“Dr Jack’s presentation was thought-provoking and engaging. With great clarity he reviewed the core functions of the brain and the implications for us as professionals in terms of motivating student to learn. He provided both teaching and support staff with very useful, practical tips for engaging students and helping them “boost their brain power”. Dr Jack also ran a brilliant workshop for students who took on board the messages he gave them about how to learn, revise and generally get ready for their GCSEs in the most effective way. Feedback from students collecting their examination results in the Summer highlighted the impact he had had on their attitudes to learning and their preparation. Indeed, a number said that they had gone into the exams feeling much more confident about how to show what they knew. They were certainly inspired!” Pat Hollinghurst, former Head Teacher of Chilton Trinity School, Somerset

Background and Qualifications:

Fully accredited STEM ambassador.First class degree in neuroscience (B.Sc.) from the University of Nottingham. Ph.D. from UCL: research using fMRI human brain scanning to investigate sensory integration. Published research conducted as a post-doc at Germany's Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Germany in the prestigious Journal of Neuroscience. Previous STEM activities include 4 films (& live events) as the Face of Faraday 2008 which 12-16 year olds across the UK are, I hear, still watching. Since then, I have developed extensive experience as a TV presenter/expert which really helps to engage the young people several of which have aired across the whole world. In addition to explaining how the human brain works for TV series on the BBC, ITV, Ch4, Sky One, Discovery, Nat Geo, Teachers TV, TLC, I have recently been contributing my neuroscience knowledge to improve the confidence of adolescent girls for a show on MTV which is immensely popular with teenagers.

Further information regarding the content of Brain Coach Live for Schools on my website:

Public Relations

PATRICIA LOTERY, PR Consultant, has 25 years' experience working for some of the UK's top public relations agencies. Her clients have included:

  • Mander Portman Woodward
  • Davies, Laing & Dick
  • Portland Place School
  • Westbury House School
  • Worth School
  • Queen's Business & Secretarial College
  • The Frances King School of English
  • Barnet College of Further Education
  • The Birkbeck Literacy Assessment Centre
  • The Kids Cookery School
  • The Science Photo Library

PR programmes include:

  • News releases
  • Case studies
  • Feature articles
  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Newsletters
  • Crisis management
  • Event management
  • Direct mail

Patricia Lotery's success is based on its ability to tell a good story, backed up by an impressive track record, good media contacts and excellent follow-up. Success for clients is the result of comprehensive research into relevant publications and editors' requirements - providing busy journalists with what they need. The consultancy offers a tailor-made approach to public relations. After a comprehensive briefing, Patricia Lotery will recommend a programme of activities to meet the client's objectives.

In Service Training

The Consultancy is able to provide a range of speakers, mentors, examiners and outstanding teachers or managers to stimulate, encourage and assist teaching staff. We will discuss with you what topics or issues are of interest and then report back to you with a range of proposals for your inset event.

Management Consultancy

We are able to advise schools on any aspects of management such as:

  • Strategic planning
  • U.K. and international marketing
  • School development
  • Staffing and structures within colleges and schools
  • Raising standards: curriculum, pastoral and extra curricular
  • Budgets and Finance
  • Managing Change

Staff Recruitment

We offer schools a full staff recruitment service which includes visiting schools to discuss requirements, advertising, short listing through to appointment.

We work in various education sectors: independent U.K. secondary schools, tutorial colleges, language schools, international schools.

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